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    Brandi Cole

    We called and visited here this afternoon to change out a saddle (our tools just weren’t cutting it). Not only did they help us quickly, but they were really nice and helpful. The shop guys gave us plenty of tips for great sushi, biking routes, and didn’t charge for the saddle change out. I will definitely be back here for any bike needs.

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    Difei Xu

    I came to service department for twice, both were great. They can handle both high end bikes and normal bikes.
    I came for a fitting once, experience was great, but result made me knee pain… So I have to somewhere else to get a better fitting.
    I came for shopping cleats, smooth payment and no complains.
    Overall, still a great bike shop in a great location with nice stuff.

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    Deno Stelter

    I came in to get my rear wheel trued up. They were courteous, fast, and efficiently charged me $45 for the labor involved. I don’t begrudge them the cost, but do make sure to double check that they reassemble your bike before you leave. I had to put my rear brake back together because they skipped that step. Again, the cost of labor is not out of line, but make sure you get your money’s worth.

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    Naomi Morita

    Service team is awesome! Friendly and helpful and not snobby about fixing my “vintage” bike 😉

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    zachary bamberger

    This place is incredible and really professional. They really seem to put the customer first and minimize expenses as best they can. When I got a new seat, they got ideal measurements first. When I picked a helmet and lock, I felt confident that I made the right choice given the advice I was given. For repairs and bike related purchases in mountain view, this spot is highly recommended!!!

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