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    Erik Willers

    If you live in California and have a laid back attitude, or if you don’t care what you get from ordering online, then this is the store for you!
    After ordering online, the This is the store for you!
    I had to wait two weeks to find out that they could not provide the bike I wanted. It took emails and calls to Joe before I finally got an answer. I will say that Joe found me an appropriate replacement. If course there was no correspondence that the $2800 item had shipped. It took yet another email to get a tracking number.
    When the bike did arrive it was packaged haphazardly with a Bosch part in a Yahama box among other things. Luckily it arrived safely
    Oh. Least I forget that I also ordered a kickstand. Nowhere to be found,so once again back to the email requesting a $55 refund for no sent part.
    With all of the online retailers out there I would definitely avoid this store! Lots of excuses and no follow up. You can do much better.

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    D D

    Visited on a summer-Saturday around 4pm. I saw one other customer and three staff. I was impressed with the large collection of products and services available.

    After walking in I was directed to someone and immediately got assistance buying a product.

    Friendly and to-the-point service.

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    Lydia Le

    I have been going to this store for 6 years, first for motorcycle gloves and most recently for a very cool electric bike, they literally have hundreds of electric bikes in stock and I was able to try many different kinds of bikes for a long ride and the staff was very helpful in helping me decide which bike to get, what I liked most was the high quality products that they offer like Bosch bikes, now that I’ve had my bike for a couple of years I’ve taken it back for service and they’ve always been spot-on and very helpful giving you the right information about my bike and offering different accessories that I can add to my enjoyable riding experience, my electric bike has changed my life and I now go everywhere with it and I’ve even gone on some of the company’s Meetup rides where we ride for 40 or 50 miles with ten or Twenty other Riders all over California , encourage everybody to check out their bikes and then get one using it for commuting but also go on their group rides which are really really really fun

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    Darion Brown

    If I could give a lower than one star I would. I spent 4 THOUSAND dollars on electric scooters not only did they arrive unable to use but customer service was terrible FROM THE OWNER/FOUNDER. I bought 3 electric scooters , ONE IS STILL IN A BOX UNTOUCHED BECAUSE THE FIRST TWO WERE BROKEN & I WAS TOLD THERES NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT AND WAS TREATED TERRIBLY. Everyone save there money or take it somewhere else because this company does not deserve it !

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    Eddie B

    Bought an $800 EcoRico scooter here. It stopped working after 2 weeks as well as had pieces falling off of it. I decided I wanted to return it and was refused. Not to mention that the staff suggested I let them GLUE back on the pieces that fell off. Horrible business – don’t shop here unless you’re rich and don’t care about money, because they only care about the sale and zero about the customer.

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