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    Ronald Ziegler

    Very friendly and helpful staff. So many models to choose from. Exceptional service. Very accommodating. Knowledgeable of all bike types and good inventory. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. These guys are fantastic, I would absolutely recommend them.

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    Jeremy Ryder

    Great selection of bikes, Trek, Santa Cruz (might be missing another). The one time I needed bike repair the staff got it taken care of super fast and we’re very friendly. If you’re looking for a nice local bike shop, need repairs or wanting your next bike itl recommend taking a swing by!

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    Yaira Montes

    My husband and I had been looking to buy bikes for a couple years and within the last few months we really started looking. Anyways, we had little to no experience on what we should be looking at when buying a bike.
    When we came in we started looking around and Chris came over and was very throrough when answering our questions, which I had a lot of. He sure knows his stuff. We were very thankful to have had Chris there he spent a lot of time with us and never rushed us. We ended up buying two bikes, a couple helmets, and some other accessories that I wanted.
    I really felt like he was really looking out for us when making this big purchase.
    Plus, his boots were sweet!

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    Dom Cabeca

    I took my super 73 S1 to Summit to be built as the bike needs assembly. It’s and expensive bike and didn’t trust myself to build the bad boy. At summit they were super nice and friendly. the cost was 120 (which is around the same price other bike shops quoted) to build the bike but they also made sure to have it tuned and test rode it for 3 miles to make sure it was safe. They had it done within the day for me. Highly recommend.

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    Mayur Pitale

    Absolutely terrible experience. Gave my driver’s license and credit card to the staff, tested a few bikes, decided which 2 to buy only to realize that someone stole my DL and CC from their counter! Who keeps customer’s IDs in the open in the counter?! And the attitude of the staff is like “eh.. it happens, not our fault”. Avoid this shop!!

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