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    Lissa Cottle

    It was very exciting to see the makes and models of the vehicles! The cars are engineered and built beautifully! I have my eye on one of the models! Hopefully i’ll be able to purchase one as I believe these cars are created with one of the most powerful and intelligent minds around in this day and age! I love what Tesla stands for and the features are out of this world!

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    What an amazing car dealer. Products all out to climb over. Friendly staff were not pushy at all. Changed my view on this great brand.
    Being an Engineer it was such a treat to play with the cars and to see such technical information too.
    Great location in Santana Row too. And open late for browsing too.
    Recommend popping in to have a look. Very interesting.

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    Nicholas Lai

    Me and a friend test drove a Model 3 here, and it was a fantastic experience.

    After we got on the road, our test drive guide let us do all the cool stuff, like autopilot, the car easter eggs, and automatic lane changing.

    After the drive, they gave us info about the car, and were super helpful in giving us a realistic plan for affording the car, and answering lingering questions.

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    Ron Goodwin

    The sales person was kind and informative. I purchased a Tesla and had a horrible experience at another location and she did her best to help. Greatly appreciated. Still can not arrange the car I wanted 😳

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    Very disappointing service.

    We were scheduled to wait at home for a delivery twice but nobody ever showed up. No one wrote or called for a sigh of cancellation nor an explanation after. Obviously our time was not valued as customers.

    Plus, we were unable to submit documents online for several days, and the advisor and customer specialist were unable to reach for a solution or an explanation.

    Even with excellent credit score and decent job income, Tesla has represented us to cancel our order, eventually —- my online account showed that ” Your cancellation request has been received.” I’m not sure if this is a courtesy phrase that Tesla uses to disapprove application or they just like to choose people to represent, randomly, still no replies from my so-called personal advisor and the customer specialist for an explanation.

    I also tried to contact the “immediate contact number”, and the online chat, no one ever answered.

    The whole process of leasing a Tesla was quite unpleasant.

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