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    I reserved a high end demo bike in order to compare it to other bikes in the same class, of other brands. I was looking to buy pretty quickly and they are a dealer of one of those bike. Perfect right!?

    I called in to confirm the time I needed to pick it up by and was then notified that, “Sorry, it’s a holiday weekend and we aren’t letting demos out”.

    First off, why would you take the reservation in the first place and second, who cares!? You should let it out BECAUSE it’s a holiday weekend. Bikes don’t make money sitting on the floor!

    They just lost out on possibly thousands! I did a demo from another dealer and ended up LOVING the same bike I attempted to demo from them. Happy to spend my money at the other shop as they seemed to actually care.

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    Eliad Goldwasser

    Tread is my to-go place for bike mechanic and technical help. Ford is the most meticulous mechanic I personally know!

    We spend so much money on high-end bike then you end up getting a sub-par ride experience because of poor maintenance…
    You can trust on Tread for getting a pro build from and everything tuned perfectly!

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    Brought in an e-bike I purchased online to see if it was safe to ride before using it to commute. I asked only for bicycle maintenance, nothing to do with the engine at all. Things like making sure the brakes are safe and nothing is loose, maybe adjusting or replacing any parts that are low quality and so on. I just wanted to make sure it’s safe to use but he turn me away immediately!! He told me “sorry but you’re bike is too cheap for me to work on” he doesn’t understand that is the exact reason I want to have it reviewed by a professional. Don’t go here. They act mean and entitled and will only work on your bike if you are “good enough” for them.

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    Michael Hayes

    Great service and knowledge. Without an appointment they made time to fix my brakes. It was my first time at this shop. It will not be my last.

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    Jeff B.-K.

    Been here many times and never had a bad experience. They’ve done work for me other shops claimed was impossible, but it surely wasn’t!

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